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darkblossomings's Journal

Dark Blossomings
28 April 1988
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"Everybody is somebody's weirdo"

I prefer reading and writing over watching television and talking.
Really, I hate television.. I do like watching certain movies, and some music videos, but I can hardly remember the last time I actually sat down to watch it.

I was in China for six months (Aug.4.06 - Jan.29.07) the autumn after I finished highschool, five of which were spent as a volenteer English teacher. I lived in Chengdu, Sichuan with a host family. In the future I would like to try to get an exchange in university and go as a student to Japan.

Currently, I am just starting my first year at the University of Toronto, living in residence at Woodsworth College, and studying Computer Science.

I'm into beading, drawing, sewing and other arts and craft stuff, Nintendo DS, Japanese Rock music(VK), Soccer, Badminton, Reading (especially fantasy), learning Japanese, Luts BJD's.. and other stuff. ^_^
freedom, scissors, tape (and other adhesives)